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2006 saw my art getting slightly refined. I started work on a few new ideas
    I thought would work well as a series. One being the Visitor series. I wanted
    to create something that resembled aliens but not typically looking like aliens.
    Another was a more textured, rustic series. I started working more in liquids this year
    too (not shown) and it saw the birth of my gold leaf trees that would become a very       popular commission order. I really seemed to love doing circles and swirls. I also worked
    on a few random pieces this year too, which I have done most years. This year
    was also the start to the custom made/commission side to my career. I would recreate
    art from my past works again for buyers who wished to own them.

It got really busy.

Gold Leaf Oritree

At Home Gold 



Gold Leaf Texture

One Off pieces

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