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BIO - Adam Oriti


Adam Oriti is an abstract artist, as well as a TV, movie, and commercial model/extra.


Based in Brisbane, Australia, he is a self-taught and self-represented professional artist who has been selling his works online since 2005. Using primarily acrylics on canvas, with occasional mixed media additions, Adam produces a variety of styles of work, ranging from single canvas pieces to large multi-canvas abstract compositions. He has received praise for his use of colour and strives to bring out the best in what colour can offer.

Adam was born in Brisbane in 1973 and relocated to Melbourne in 2000, where he gained recognition as an internationally collected abstract artist. His works have been sold to private collectors, medical centers, hotels, and businesses across the globe, including in countries such as Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, and Mexico and of course Australia. In 2014, Adam returned to Brisbane after living in Melbourne for 14 years and began exploring new creative projects, including digital art.

In 2018, Adam collaborated with software developer Roscoe Hart on various projects, including 'pixel flowers', a collectible art set consisting of 1000 individual pixel flowers. The following year, Adam worked alongside Oscar-nominated costume designer Luis Sequeira (The Shape Of Water, Carrie, IT part 2, Nightmare Alley) and his team in the costume breakdown/art finishing department for the movie Love and Monsters, which was filmed in Brisbane.

Although Adam took a break from painting, he returned to his passion and signed with casting agency Ego Management in 2021. He has since featured in several TV series, movies, and commercials. Additionally, Adam's childhood love for astronomy is reflected in his new ink series, 'WANDERLUST'.

Adam believes that life is too short to wait to pursue your dreams and encourages others to start pursuing their passions at any age.

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