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Ink, acrylic, protective varnish, metallic leaf

30cm x 30cm stretched canvas


'Avian Gaze' presents a striking portrayal of two majestic birds, their vibrant plumage capturing the eye as they stand in a moment of shared reflection. With heads inclined toward the sky, their gaze hints at a deeper contemplation, a pondering of life's diversity and the tumultuous journey it often entails. Amidst a backdrop alive with color and texture, these avian companions serve as symbols of resilience, reminding us of the inherent beauty found in both adversity and diversity. Through the deft application of ink, acrylic, and metallic leaf, this artwork invites viewers to join in the birds' contemplative reverie, encouraging an appreciation for the serenity and wonder that can be found in the midst of life's challenges.

Avian Gaze

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