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Ink, acrylic, protective varnish, metallic leaf

30cm x 30cm stretched canvas


'Golden Embrace' unveils a stunning orange octopus against a backdrop of radiant gold leaf, spanning 30cm x 30cm. Its tentacles, mysterious and multifaceted, reach out with an enigmatic allure, hinting at the complexity of life's embrace. Amidst the mesmerizing display, one tentacle stands out—a gentle reminder of a grandmother's welcoming touch amidst the sea of uncertainty. Yet, alongside this warmth, memories of other arms, less inviting, linger like shadows from the past. Through this intricate interplay of light and shadow, 'Golden Embrace' invites viewers to ponder the enigmatic nature of existence, finding solace in the moments of connection amidst life's unpredictable currents.

Golden Embrace

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