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Ink, acrylic, protective varnish, metallic leaf

30cm x 30cm stretched canvas


'Looking Back' is a powerful testament to resilience and liberation, captured within a compact 30cm x 30cm canvas. Through a dynamic blend of ink, acrylic, and gleaming metallic leaf, this poignant artwork portrays a bird casting a reflective glance over its shoulder. But beneath the surface of its colorful plumage lies a narrative of courage and triumph – a story of breaking free from the shadows of family abuse and pain. Each stroke of vibrant hue and delicate shimmer echoes the journey towards freedom and self-discovery. Perfect for adorning either an office space or a child's room, 'Looking Back' serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, reminding viewers of the strength found in overcoming adversity and embracing newfound freedom.

Looking Back

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