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Ink, acrylic, protective varnish, metallic leaf

30cm x 30cm stretched canvas


'No Regrets, Just New Connections' is a vibrant tableau presented within the confines of a 30cm x 30cm canvas. Here, three dynamic red fish, swim gracefully amidst a backdrop adorned with shimmering gold leaf. Inspired by the lyrics of Roxette's 'Salvation,' this artwork serves as a poignant reflection of the artist's journey. The trio of fish represents past, present, and future, intertwining gracefully to symbolize resilience and newfound freedom. Having bravely escaped toxicity, the artist finds solace in the creation of beautiful new connections. Each fish embodies a phase of life's journey—a testament to the blessings discovered beyond past struggles. As viewers engage with this luminous piece, they are reminded of the power of transformation and the boundless potential for growth in embracing life's new horizons.

No Regrets, Just New Connections

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